Off He Goes: Pearl Jam Tour Travelogue Day 1

An alarm clock that goes off before four a.m. might be the rudest sound in the world. I think I got four hours of sleep. But the journey ahead of me has me a bit wired anyway, so it’s a wonder I got any sleep at all. My flight to Toronto leaves in less than an hour; from there I will be on tour with Pearl Jam for the next week.

Well, OK…I’ll be following them around on their tour, at least the leg that goes through Canada. But when I say it the other way, it sounds much cooler.

I digress.

I’m flying into Toronto and renting a car. From Toronto I will drive to Quebec City and see Pearl Jam play there. Then I will drive to Ottawa and see them play again. And after that, I will drive to Toronto and see them yet again. Three cities, three shows, one man on a journey. Maybe I’ll find something more than great live music, maybe not. But I’ll do my best to keep up with some writing along the way.

Also, I expect to be pretty active on social media. Find me on Twitter (@birdbrained) or Snapchat (cherishedporter) if you so desire. I might even Periscope a bit, so watch for that via Twitter. I’m hoping to see things like Old Quebec, Parliament, and the Hockey Hall of Fame if time allows. I’m also pretty excited to watch a St. Louis Blues playoff game (or two) at a sports bar in Canada. I understand they’re into hockey up there.

It’s almost time to board. See you on the other side…

…of the border!


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