Dread at the Ballpark

It’s getting late, folks. The Cardinals have dropped two of the first three games in this pivotal series against the Brewers. Now the Brew Crew is five games up on the Redbirds in the NL Central standings. Last night’s game was almost a must-win, and the Cards didn’t win. That makes tonight even MORE of a must-win. And I’ll be there to watch it all go down.

Mathematically, of course, the Cards are far from elimination. And even if they do lose tonight, they still have six games remaining against the Brewers this year. A lot can happen between now and the end of the season.

But what can the Cardinals do to turn it on? It seems like we’ve been waiting to see that all year. Once everyone gets healthy…once the rotation starts clicking…once the offense puts it all together. Things looked pretty good in April, May, and June but now unanswered questions abound. It’s been a frustrating season, and we still have six weeks left. It can get a lot better. It can get a lot worse.

If the Cardinals lose the division, this series will be one of the glaring reasons why. I hate going into tonight’s game thinking about that. The Brewers have absolutely pummeled the Cards this season. Home field has held no advantage. I’d be optimistic about Chris Carpenter getting tonight’s start if it wasn’t Yovanni Gallardo taking the mound for Milwaukee. Normally I would think “Wow…could be a great pitching duel. I can dig that.” But the Cardinals don’t need that; they need a sustained explosion of offense. If the Cards can’t hit Randy Wolf, what will they do against Gallardo? Will they win any of their remaining games against the Brewers?

Look for me in the stands tonight…I’ll be the one sipping a beer, nervously fidgeting, hoping I’m not witnessing the death of the Cardinals’ season in mid-August.



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