Happy Birthday, Stan Musial

Today is the 90th birthday of the greatest St. Louis Cardinal who ever lived, Stan “The Man” Musial.

stan-musial.jpgOne quick glance at Musial’s career statistics is all it takes to realize his numbers speak for themselves. Yet, for some reason, Musial doesn’t seem to garner the same mythical national status of players like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Willie Mays, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, and others. The funny thing is, any time a player broke a National League record over the past 50 years, it’s highly likely it was a Stan Musial record being broken. Musial should be celebrated more outside of St. Louis. He deserves a birthday tribute on SportsCenter, a column from every national baseball writer, tweets and blog entries from every truly knowledgeable fan, and his due as one of the greatest living baseball legends. Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a couple months will go a long way toward fulfilling that recognition. But Musial would probably tell you, in his ever-humble manner, that he doesn’t want anyone to go to any trouble over him. All the more reason to do just that.

I’d love to use this space to relay a funny or heartwarming personal story about Stan The Man, but I’ve never met him in person. Like almost everyone in the St. Louis area, however, I do feel this strong connection to him when I see him on TV or circling Busch Stadium before a Cardinals game. He’s a Hall of Fame player, one of the best ever…and probably an even better human being. The inscription on his statue in front of Busch Stadium is a sentence burned into the minds of Cardinal Nation like the Pledge of Allegiance or a bedtime prayer: “Here stands Baseball’s Perfect Warrior; here stands Baseball’s Perfect Knight.” Musial’s baseball records may have been eclipsed over the years, but that description has yet to even be approached by anyone else. 

Check out some awesome Stan The Man links to truly understand what he means to St. Louis and Major League Baseball:

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch gives us 90 reasons to love Stan The Man.stan hands.jpg

Musial celebrates his 90th birthday with friends and family. (video)

Stan The Man’s MLB.com Hall of Fame biography. (video)

One of my fellow United Cardinal Bloggers shares a great personal Stan The Man story over at Cardinal Diamond Diaries.

Happy Birthday, Stan The Man…any here’s to many more.



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