The (After)Nooner #17 – Brandon Phillips: Kind of a D-bag

So Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds hates the Cardinals. Good for him.

If you haven’t had a chance to track this down, here’s the quote from Phillips, courtesy the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

I don’t mind the concept of what Phillips is trying to do there, but those are mighty strong words coming out of the mouth of someone who hasn’t won anything ever in his career. Then, of course, he “walks the walk” by going 0-5 last night and not even getting the ball out of the infield. That’s a fail, Brandon. Big time fail. Smack-talk from a guy on a team that hasn’t had a winning season since 1999 (the year Phillips was drafted by the Montreal Expos) is just a little presumptive to me. The name-calling is petty and childish, too. Does he think he’s playing kickball at recess? Like I said, the context is fine; the content is pretty unprofessional though.

Here’s tonight’s starting lineups:

St. Louis CardinalsCards.jpg

3B Felipe Lopez

RF Jon Jay

1B Albert Pujols

LF Matt Holliday

CF Colby Rasmus

C Yadier Molina

2B Skip Schumaker

P Jaime Garcia

SS Brendan Ryan

Cincinnati RedsReds.jpg

2B Brandon Phillips

SS Paul Janish

1B Joey Votto

3B Scott Rolen

LF Jonny Gomes

RF Chris Helsey

CF Drew Stubbs

C Ramon Hernandez

P Johnny Cueto

I wonder how many times Phillips has to dive out of the way of a too-far-inside pitch the rest of this series?



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  1. robertjrcardsfan

    You have to like how Phillips was left speechless tonight! Your right, he was running his mouth like a child yesterday! But tonight, it was all quiet from Phillips’ mouth! The Cards did it with their bats and not their mouths! And as for Cueto, what the heck! I say make him wear basketball shoes for the rest of his freakin career! Although, not sure there will be much of one!

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