The Nooner #15: A Quick Rant on Alphonso Soriano

Setting aside for a moment the fact that the Cards got a big win against the Dodgers last night and needed the Cubs to lose, I have to say that Alphonso Soriano might be the worst teammate in professional baseball, and I question Cubs fans’ sanity for putting up with him. That ridiculous display as he rounded the bases represents everything a
Thumbnail image for soriano.jpgselfish hot dog player like Soriano shouldn’t be allowed to get away with.
He disrespects his team, the other team, and the game as a whole. After his slacker play got him booed…BOOED…by the hometown fans in the previous at-bat, wouldn’t the classy thing to do just be to run around the bases, maybe with a few fist pumps, and jump into the pile at home? No, of course not…he’s earned the right to clown around the whole time he’s circling. Supposedly the pointing in the general direction of the Astros’ dugout was actually directed towards his family. Fine. What was the rest of that garbage over by third? If I was a Cubs fan, I’d be embarrassed today. And if I’m pitching for the Astros, he gets one in the ribs every time he comes to bat in today’s game (situation permitting).

Just had to get that off my chest. Carry on. No, wait…I have a better idea. Read my InsideSTL column from this past Sunday. Then carry on.

Photo Credit: Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune / July 27, 2009


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  1. I agree with you. That was just a riduculous thing to do.

  2. yeah man you’re right on there. It’s not like he’s an elite player any more. He’s hitting all of .252 and is probably the worst outfielder in the game. I’m sick of him, I’m just glad I’m not a Cubs fan who has to watch him play every night.

  3. I can not stand players who disrespect the game.


  4. redstatebluestate

    Dude, I’m so with you. I watched it live, praying for a loss. The GS was hurtful enough but that grandstanding “u can’t see me” John Cena b.s. was too much for me. If I’m the ‘stros he’s getting beaned multiple times like you suggest. It’s ridiculous ‘cuz Soriano has been nothing but a baby all year long… a poor performing one at that. The consensus up here in the Chi (via northsiders) is that they’re all sick of him too, much like Zambrano, but at least Zambrano has performed okay. As for the clowning last night, haven’t heard much. We’ll see what Paul Sullivan says about it in the Trib tomorrow (there better be something).

  5. I’m with you knock him on his ***, and not gently…. there’s a couple of them in the game that I can think of, both ********….

    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  6. You know, I just don’t remember Soriano being such an a$shat when he was here in Arlington. I am getting old though and my subconscious has dutifully been working hard on erasing this decade’s Rangerdom nightmares from my mind.

  7. Speaking as a Cubs fan who was at the game, I saw none of the shenanigans on the basepaths because I was too busy high-fiving anyone within arms reach. Nevertheless, most Cubs fans merely tolerate Soriano because his stupidly massive contract makes him unmovable and we are stuck with him.

    He is actually no more of a hot dog than a lot of guys, but he has a tendency, like last night, to look like a talentless hack for the entire game, but then pull a giant play out of his butt that makes everyone briefly forget the nonsense that occurred prior.

    That game actually had a lot of strutting and showing off for two mediocre teams playing in a 1-1 game all night. Valverde had his normal chest-puffing, insane act going, Hunter Pence, the King of the Unnecessary Sliding Catch was on display, Zambrano was yelling into his glove and almost whipping a ball past Lee on a comebcaker because he was pissed he had given up the homerun to Carlos Lee earlier in the inning.

    Soriano was the icing on a cake made by players all over the rosters who think they are bigger than the game. Its why Cubs fans love Derrek Lee and Ted Lilly the most and are still pissed that DeRosa and Wood are no longer Cubs (though I care less about that).

    Aisle 424

  8. I really hope he does. I’m sorry we took one of your really good prospects, though. ): -TC

  9. I love the Cubs. I do not love Soriano. Your rant is right on. I would love it if he would go out there and do his job and that’s it. But his mouth and stupidity have brought an unwanted eye to the team. The Cubs are usually a bunch of guys who might not be the best out there, but who you can respect. If Soriano keeps this crap up, that respect will be gone. From everybody.

    Nicely put.

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