Remembering Jack Buck

On this date in 2002, the Cardinals’ Hall of Fame announcer Jack Buck passed away. Buck’s work was nationally known…he called World Series, Super Bowls, and Monday Night Football games for network broadcasts. But in St. Louis and to Cardinals fans everywhere, he was both an icon and a friendly voice that was as much a part of baseball as the players on the field.Buck1.jpg

Buck started calling games for the Cardinals in 1954 alongside another radio booth icon, Harry Caray. By the 1970’s Caray had moved on and Buck was the Voice of the Cardinals.

Because of the enormous reach of KMOX, the Cardinals’ former radio home, millions listened to Jack Buck and Mike Shannon describe Cardinals games for nearly 30 years. Buck is credited with some of the most memorable calls in history. Many across the country will remember him from the 1991 and 1988 World Series; Cardinal fans know that the magic of Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Bruce Sutter, Ozzie Smith, and Willie McGee was that much sweeter when described by Jack Buck. Take a look at this video for a sample.

Buck’s final broadcast season was 2001. After 9/11, all professional sports took a brief and necessary hiatus as the country grived. But we needed something to rally around, and baseball helped bring us back just a little. In St. Louis, Jack Buck read a poem he wrote before the Cardinals’ first post-9/11 game. Buck, a WWII hero and purple heart recipient, delivered what would prove to be his last great call to the Busch Stadium crowd.

Thanks, Jack. We’ll never forget you. 


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  1. Thank’s for reminding us of Mr. Buck. Those who call the games make it all that much more special for us.


  2. ccrbirdbrained

    It was tough listening to radio broadcasts after his passing. He was in the hospital and never did any games in 2002, but it didn’t really sink in that he was never coming back until he died. I kind of felt bad for Wayne Hagin, the first to take the broadcasting job after Jack’s death (in 2003, I believe…might have been 2004). Hagin’s tenure was short-lived, as you can imagine…he was a decent enough announcer, but he’d never be able to replace Jack. No one could. The only thing that helped bridge the gap was the fact that Mike Shannon stayed and still broadcasts to this day alongside John Rooney, a great voice in his own right.

  3. Every night, my brother and I fell asleep while listening to Jack and Mike call the Cards games. The radio play by play was so much better than what you could get on TV, so when we watched games on TV, the sound was muted and we listened to the radio broadcast instead.

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