The Nooner #9: Prince Albert

The upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated features none other than Albert Pujols on the cover!


The cover story (written by Joe Posnanski) is fantastic and can be read in full here. It covers everything from Pujols’ baseball career to his family life and charity work. But the major theme illustrates Pujols’ image and his non-use of performance-enhancing drugs.

I, for one, believe Pujols. Why shouldn’t I? His name was not in the Mitchell Report. He has never been credibly linked to PED’s. His numbers, while astronomical, have been steady. I have to say that I was wrong about A-Rod. I wanted to believe he did it all on his own. But there were always whispers about him…I blew them off as lies, but they were there. And they turned out to be true. Has anyone ever whispered about Albert Pujols? Not that I’ve heard. Don’t assume that because he’s a top tier player in this day and age that he has to be a cheater. He’s innocent until proven (or admitted) guilty. But we don’t owe that to Albert Pujols. I believe we, as fans, owe ourselves that.


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  1. Chris – you are right. We do ourselves and all the players a HUGE disservice if we assume that everyone is using.


  2. ccrbirdbrained

    You got it. We’re in a dark time, so skepticism is warranted. Unfounded assumption, however, is not. Besides, how can you possible enjoy the game if you think every player that hits the ball over the wall is juiced?


  3. I’ve said before there are two players I could not handle doing steroids: Albert and Grday Sizemore. Luckily I can say pretty much 100% that neither of them have. I can never be sure anymore, or at least not yet, because I am just so discouraged by all of the steroid drama. i want it all to go away. I really do believe Albert never has and Grday too.

  4. If I were a Cardinals fan, I’d be more worried about Albert being on the SI cover than using steroids. Isn’t there supposed to be some big curse when you’re on the cover? Or am I “missremembering?”

  5. ccrbirdbrained

    Jane – usually that’s correct, although AP has proved to be immune to that phenomenon. He was on the cover in 2004 and 2006 as well…both stellar years for him and the Cards. We’ll see what happens in 2009.


  6. pitchershit8th

    Excellent thoughts – I know you’ve read mine, and we share almost identical sentiments.

    I look forward to reading here. Cheers!

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