Fantasy Baseball has begun!

It’s that time of year: the smell of a fresh keyboard, the click of a mouse, the retinal burn from staring at a screen that’s too bright for too long in a room that’s too dark…yes, Fantasy Baseball is upon us.

I’m not a hardcore Fantasy guy…I don’t do player research, I don’t invest any money, and I don’t download draft kits. I play in a free, online league with the same managers every year. Here’s how serious we are: the league name is Hot Wings & Beer, and my team name is the Pinch Hitters. Actually, this year we had to add a few newbies to round out our 10-team league, so some feverish last-minute recruiting was needed. But it’s all in good fun and gives us yet another reason to obsess over baseball.

This year we made our league head-to-head. I’ve never been in a head-to-head Fantasy Baseball league, but as best I can tell each week the teams are paired off and all stats collected go against your opponent rather than being ranked against all the other teams. For each day we’re allowed one player per position, one “utility” player (can be listed as any postion), two starting pitchers, two relief pitchers (closers, basically), and three additional pitchers. We’re also allowed five bench players, and a max of two players can be on the DL and not count against the roster.

Here’s the team I drafted, position players first by position:

C – Joe Mauer (MIN)

1B – Joey Votto (CIN) & Jason Giambi (OAK)

2B – Chase Utley (PHI)

3B – Evan Longoria (TB)

SS – Yunel Escobar (ATL) & Khalil Greene (STL)

OF – Shane Victorino (PHI), Andre Ethier (LAD), Johnny Damon (NYY), Lastings Milledge  (WAS)

UTIL – Mark DeRosa (2B, 3B, OF – CLE) & Brandon Inge (C, 3B, OF – DET)

DeRosa is a guy I can move into several positions or play full-time because of his numbers. I expect Giambi to regularly fill my UTIL postion because of his power and DeRosa to be in my outfield, but we’ll see. I selected Inge because he plays catcher as well as a couple other positions, fully expecting Mauer to be the stud he usually is so it probably wouldn’t matter. But Inge offers little offense, so he was really just an insurance pick. Unfortunately, Mauer has been nursing a back inflammationnot a good thing for a catcher. So I dropped Inge and picked up Dioner Navarro (TB) as my backup catcher (who’s more than capable of being my starter).

Now for my pitchers:

SP – Dan Haren (ARI), Edinson Volquez (CIN), Ervin Santana (LAA), Gavin Floyd (CWS), Oliver Perez (NYM), Jair Jurrjens (ATL)

RP – Brad Lidge (PHI), Bobby Jenks (CWS)

I was pretty happy with this pitching staff. I have two established closers and a good mix of pitchers who are all relatively young and reliable. Then I saw the news that Santana has elbow inflammation, which was then diagnosed as a sprained ligamentnot a good thing for a pitcher. As good as Santana is, that injury worries me. He’ll be starting the season on the DL; who knows if he’ll be right at all in 2009? And I could use another closer, so I dropped Santana for Jason Motte (STL). Motte has recently been given a vote of confidence, and while he’s not been officially announced as the Cardinals’ closer I’m taking a chance on him. 

Feel free to give me some feedback or, if you’re in a league, compare your Fantasy team to mine. Personally I see Fantasy Baseball as another way to enjoy the game, which is probably why I don’t take it too seriously. But it’s fun, so what the hell.


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  1. I’m taking notes! My first fantasy baseball draft EVER is this Sunday against other MLB bloggers!


  2. redstatebluestate

    I’d be worried about that Greene acquisition. Hope it works out for you. I’m a fantasy freak. I get too competitive sometimes. It’s an addiction. Seriously. Best of luck to ya!

  3. ccrbirdbrained

    Julia – Good luck to ya! I think the secret is to pick players that are the most likely to positively impact as many of your league’s stats as possible. For instance, Ryan Howard will get you a ton of HR and RBI, but if your league also tracks batting average, steals, and strikeouts…well, you get the idea.
    Jeff – Greene is not likely to be my starting SS unless he’s tearing it up. I’m hopeful he can be more like the Khalil Greene of old; not the 2008 version. In that respect, I’d certainly advocate him as a backup/borderline strong starting SS.


  4. I’m not into fantasy baseball, but looking at the team you drafted I’d say it’s pretty damn good. Excellent move getting Navarro as a backup to Mauer, whose back injury doesn’t sound good.

  5. I know absolutely nothing about fantasy baseball, but I do know that your team sounds like a pretty solid team. Good luck in your league! 🙂

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