The Nooner #8: Top 100 Dedication

No, this isn’t a Casey Kasem moment. I just wanted to dedicate my first ever appearance in the MLBlogs Top 100. I came in at #18, so thank you to all my readers and commenters. I officially dedicate this achievement to #18 and current Voice of the Cardinals Mike Shannon!













I know I should have done this last week; I even found the pics right when the list came out and everything. Somehow I just forgot to write the post. Call me Bird Brainless I suppose…


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  1. redstatebluestate

    Naw, Birdbrains tend to be pretty smart. Who better than old Shannon himself to represent!?! Get up, baby, GET UP!

  2. Great dedication!


  3. Congrats! Interestingly, Shannon is the subject of today’s Cardinal Nation Approval Ratings. Head over and give your percentage!

  4. Excellent dedication

  5. I wouldn’t call that a top 100 since its 50 fan and 50 pro, but I guess it works.

  6. Hahah Bird Brainless, but you’re not. Great dedication, and congratulations for making the list!

  7. Nice tribute and don’t beat yourself up for being late with it. It just means you have a life and aren’t blogging 24/7!

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