Another stop on the journey to Opening Day

Last season was my first as a season ticket holder. We have a half season…40 games. On Opening Day 2008, my girlfriend and I sat in seats other than the seats we had for the rest of the season. At the time, we thought nothing of this; were were just happy to be there. But we quickly changed our assessment of the situation not too far into the season. Our seats are in the left field bleachers. What started out as an exciting season of ballgames quickly became nothing less than a summertime second family. We cheered together. We groaned together. We ate and drank together. We even tailgated before a few games together.


bleachers001.jpgI’m not saying the only good time to be had at Busch Stadium is in the left field bleachers. But by the beginning of May, 2008, one month into our first season as ticket holders, we decided that we were not giving up our seats for anything. We were close to the field and had made great friends. We knew we had the best seats in the house.

Of course, the season ended in late September. So long, Left Field Bleacher Family. We’ll see you next April, right? Well, it didn’t take quite that long. We found out that, sometime around the start of Spring Training, we had a party to go to.   

Last weekend I attended my first Left Field Bleacher Party.

We watched Cardinals videos and cheered together. We ate and drank together. We talked about the last season and the prospects for 2009. We laughed at some of the crazier times. It was just like being at the game, only without the game. But it was more than that. Major League Baseball really is a year-round game. Almost immediately after the last play of the World Series, the Hot Stove League heats up. Free Agency starts, and the Winter Meetings provide plenty of drama. Then arbitration talks heat up and more deals are made. While all this administrative work takes place, various leagues in warmer climates allow players to stay sharp in the offseason.

Then, thankfully, the real benchmarks of the next season start to sneak up. Pitchers and catchers report. Position players report. Spring Training games start. It’s all very exciting. The countdown to opening day is upon us! Only one month to go!

And this party was another reminder: baseball is just around the corner. Real fans sit in the bleachers. Nachos. Bratwurst. Beer me! Batter up!


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  1. I hope you have an equally as exciting time this year! Sounds wonderful. I am always amazed at how the sports we love can bring us together. Strangers become friends. Just the way it should be!


  2. As well, I hope you and your summer family enjoy the time you had last year and make it thousand times better for this season. Something that can help you, making it to the playoffs…The season ends in early October this year, giving you the time, if you’d like, to invite your summer family over for Thanksgiving! hahaha. The World Series won’t end until late late October or most likely early November so instead of having a summer family, it can be your fall family too! Don’t hurt the Mets too bad today, alright Chris?! Good luck.

    – Donnie

  3. …And what’s with the Marlins flag? Yuck….

    – Donnie

  4. ccrbirdbrained

    Donnie – the Marlins fans were acutally cousins of one of our bleacher friends and came into St. Louis to see their team take on the Cards. Can’t say I like The Fish, but they were good fans and we had a lot of fun.

    And don’t fret over the results of Spring Training games…as long as no one gets hurt count it as a victory.


  5. I love that you’re a bleacher creature, as we say in Yankees parlance. Great place to watch a game. Party on! Or, as you would say in Cardinals parlance, beer you!

  6. Great blog. Reminds me of the ‘family’ of fans in the movie Fever Pitch. I hope your Cards do well and that they make the playoffs along with my Cubs. It would be great for baseball if these two team were playing each other in the NLCS.


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