30 Clubs in 30 Days, but first…

I want to write a quick word of thanks to everyone making the decisions at MLBlogs for having Bird Brained as the Featured Blog today. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw my face on the MLBlogs home page. I shared my excitement with a lot of my friends and family and they all thought it was great too. The jump in my page views and comments was an awesome feeling, so thanks to all of you readers, too! Come back often, because I will write often!

I just finished watching MLB Network’s “30 Clubs in 30 Days” featuring the St. Louis Cardinals. This show covered all the bases, so to speak. Featuring an expert panel of former Major Leaguers Joe Magrane and Sean Casey, Special Advisor to the Texas Rangers John Hart, and hosted by St. Louisan Greg Amsinger, “30 in 30” provided a ton of analysis and interviews. I really have yet to be disappointed by MLB Network and this show keeps that streak alive.

Most of what was said has been said or written before. The panel discussed what the Cards’ recipe for success in 2009 must have: player health, a strong rotation, and better bullpen pitching. Of course, this is true of every team. But the interviews were relevant and not necessarily biased. Featured in sit-down conversations are Tony LaRussa, Chris Carpenter, John Mozeliak, Albert Pujols, Ryan Ludwick, and Rick Ankiel. Video highlights included a lot of Spring Training footage and some 2008 footage.

The show concluded with a “Best Moments in Cardinal History” video compilation, followed by the panel’s predictions on where the Cardinals will finish this season. Casey, Magrane, and Hart each thought the Cards were a lock for 2nd in the National League Central. Let’s hope that, if these experts are right, it comes with a Wild Card berth.


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  1. Must have been a great show. Sorry I missed it. How do you feel about their prediction of second place for the Cards? If there’s a wild card attached, I’d feel pretty good, but does this mean they’re picking the Cubs to win the division?


  2. Great blog, man. Thanks for catching that mistake so early into the interview’s time up. Not a fan of the band, or what I had thought, bands!

  3. Jane – Of course they’re picking the Cubs; that’s the hip thing to do nowadays. But I think the Cubs have just as many questions as the Cards do, they’re just not the same questions. If certain things fall into place for the Redbirds they can compete for this division.

    Burgh – No sweat…I’m not really a fan of them either, but my love for music and my love for baseball run neck-and-neck. Happy to help out!


  4. I think MLB Network has done a great job with the 30 Clubs/30 Days series. I like the hour format – it gives enough time for the look at the year ahead, but I really like the “great moments” segments! Always love to be reminded WHY we love our teams!


  5. I only caught two episodes of 30/30 so far. It seems as though every time I’m around to watch it, it’s not on. And every time it’s on, I’m not around to watch it. I didn’t even catch the Mets special, but, you mentioned what they showed during the hour long episode, and they didn’t make an All-Time Lineup for the Cardinals? That’s surprising. They can definitely pull something off to create a good lineup. Good luck this afternoon my friend. If you have some time off in June, you should definitely take a trip to New York and see your Cards at the NEW Citi Field with all us Mets fans!

    – Donnie

  6. What a game man! I’m not sure if you caught it, if it was aired in Missouri (Where I’m expecting you to reside) or not, but, wow! I for sure thought the Cardinals were going to completely humiliate the Mets once they hit the seven UN-answered run mark but the Mets tried coming back with the B-Team and ended up losing by one. Gotta love those Minor Leaguers! Congrats man – on the victory and conquering the front page of MLBLOG’s! I’ll keep posting. Hopefully these posts aren’t annoying you, always ending up in paragraphs.

    – Donnie

  7. BTW I like the descriptive text on this blog. I guess Dodger fans could debate it inasmuch as they have drawn more fans than any club in Major League history. But if you measure it by world championships, then thereyago. And that’s how you measure it!Mark http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com

  8. The MLB Network is great. I have yet to catch an episode of the 30 clubs and 30 days yet. I will make sure that I don’t miss it though when my Dodgers are featured and hope to catch some others as well. I do not want to focus on the negative but I’m hoping personnel that make the programming decisions for the MLB Network see this. I am a little disappointed to see “paid programming” taking up air time for a two to three hour duration. For example, as I write this comment, it’s coming up on the 1:00am pst hour and the next two hours feature “paid programming.” There should never be this stuff on this wonderful channel. If anything, repeat the 30 clubs in 30 days episodes that have already aired so that those of us who may have missed it, can still have the opportunity to watch. Other than that, this is the best channel ever. Just no more “paid programming” please!

  9. I just moved here a season or two ago, after growing up in Mile high, will follow your blog bigtime, but I’m still a bit purple feeling for my rox. As a child I did a lot of Dodger gawking with my Gdad in LA, but the CARDS are my second fav team. Hey, blue and red make purple huh?

    Will watch that 30 days in 30 club for sure…. do you twitter or FB here in the St Louis area?

    You have a nice blog, but cut your hair, it reminds me of Dante Bichette during the post Blake Street Bombers era last century….

  10. ccrbirdbrained

    Donnie – that was a good game, as they all have been since! I’m liking that the Cards’ offense is starting to come around, and seeing that Carp pitched so well yesterday is fueling my optimism.
    Mark – that’s certainly how I measure it! The Dodgers are certainly a close second, too…what are they up to, 8 World Championships now?
    Cessnut – Thank you for reading and following! I really was pulling for the Rockies in 2007, and getting to see Larry Walker in Cardinal Red for a little while a few years back was a treat. Dante Bichette? Really? I’m very careful to keep my hair long all around. If you ever see me with a B.S.B.-era Mullet feel free to smack me. 🙂


  11. welikeroywelikeroy

    Love the powder blue Cards jersey! The Blue Jays brought those back this year. I good reminder of how awesome the Cards were in the 80’s.

  12. girlybaseballchick

    Congrats! I don’t think my ugly mug will ever make it but who knows! I have yet to turn my t.v. on today but I know I am recording all of the 30 Clubs in 30 Days. Don’t you love MLB Network? It’s a baseball fan’s dream now I’m not stuck watching the crapfest called ESPN.

    I do love your blue jersey. The 70’s and 80’s rocked when it came to unis. I’m only 27 but I loved the old Brown Padres and the Astros unis with the Star, and of course the A’s bright yellow, man I wish the A’s would sport those now. But players are just to cool I guess these days. Now they are all sagging and have the pants over the cleats and their hats are to the side. I want pant legs to the knees, I wanna see stirrups and caps with a nice bend in the middle of the bill. Oh how times have changed.

    I will be sure to read more of yoru blog!

    Again congrats! I know I was stoked when the main article listed my blog as one to check out. I didn’t realize how big this blog site was for MLB fans I just started in January. Dummy me!


  13. redstatebluestate

    Yes, let’s hope. Let us hope. BTW, you didn’t happen to take in that Sox/Dodgers game yesterday did you? I kept seeing a guy with the STL powder blue road uni in the background donning long curly hair.

  14. Wrong user name; that’s typepad for you. chetthejet.

    Welcome to UCB.

    Join us on UCB Radio Hour tonight if you can. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/united%20cardinal%20bloggers

    It’s on Blogtalkradio, in case that link gets wiped by typepad.

    If you vlog, I have TV time for you as well.

    chetthejet, not 2centswrth, although that’s about all I have to blog these days.

  15. redbirdchatter

    The Cardinals 30 in 30 was good, but I thought it was odd that Khalil Greene and Yadier Molina barely got a mention. Maybe the health of Pujols arm and the log jam in the outfield are more interesting questions to contemplate. But, if they are talking about the team’s potential, how can you leave Greene and Molina out of the conversation? Especially, since they are among the few that know exactly where they will be opening day. Oh well…I like the 2nd place finish with a wild card!

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