The Nooner #4: End of an era – Jason Isringhausen

Jason Isringhausen’s Cardinal career officially ended this weekend with news that he signed with the American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays. A lot of fans were down on Izzy in recent years, especially (and deservedly) last season. But this guy really did some phenomenal work for the Cardinals as their closer. If you look at his career stats and think about his injury history, the parallels between his down years and his hurt years are undeniable. I believe that, all things considered, Cardinal Nation must tip its collective cap to Izzy for a job well done while he was here.

So now, who takes the reigns from Izzy? Certainly it’s going to be either Jason Motte or Chris Perez…or can the Cardinlas get away with closer by committee? I think it’s better to let someone earn the closer title and keep it until he loses it, for whatever reason. I liked what I saw from Perez in 2008, but Motte seems to have that crazy guy attitude that sometimes works so well. Both have the potential for dominance. Stay tuned…


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  1. Closing by committee is never a good thing.


  2. Rays Manager Joe Maddon saw Izzy throw today and so far he is hitting his marks. The fact he might not even make this roster shows how far the team’s Bullpen rose in one year.

    But, with Troy Percival maybe being brought along slowly, he might make the team and get some reps to show others he is back. Having one bad year in 9 seasons as a closer is pretty good compared to how many guys fall apart in the first few attempts.

    Izzy might not make it back to the elite group of closers, but if he can be competitive and successful, who knows in 2009. Teams are always looking for an edge. By the way, sometimes closer by committee can be a good thing……..See 2008 Rays Bullpen.

    Rays Renegade

  3. Nice blog. Sorry I’m so late to the party. I’m not a fan of closing by committee. I think everybody needs a defined role. That said, players have to earn their slots and managers need to go with the hot hand. I like the T-shirt in your profile pic, btw.

  4. Why thank you. It’s actually a powder blue (the Cards’ away jersey in the 70’s & 80’s) Willie McGee jersey. I wear it to a lot of games, so if you ever find yourself at Busch Stadium I should be easy to find. 🙂


  5. redstatebluestate

    My Ma could hear me cheering goodbye to Izzy from her home in Southern Illinois. I live in the Chi. Good riddance, Jason.
    Anyway, love the powder blue duds, Birdbrain! Welcome to the MLBlogosphere. Hadn’t seen y0u around until just lately. Gear up for a disappointing ’09 for our birds.

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