The Nooner #2: I turn my back for one second…

Man, did baseball pick the wrong week to be controversial! I go to Cancun for 5 days and all hell breaks loose. Anyway, it’s great to hear that Chris Carpenter is progressing and everyone came to Spring Training early, and it’s pretty sad to hear A-Rod’s name associated with steroids. But the release of Adam Kennedy blew me away. I’d like to think that someone in-house can emerge to take over 2B, but can the Cardinals really count on that? Wouldn’t it be better to have that true second baseman to solidify the middle infield when your coaches preach pitching to contact? I said it before in a different context, but now more than ever the Cards need to talk to the Orioles about Brian Roberts. This team has the ability (and, at this point, almost the need) to trade from its surplus of outfielders. Why not make the move this spring once everyone proves healthy? I mean, it could be argued that starting pitching is just as pressing a need, but the Cards have in-house options there. They really don’t have much depth in the middle infield.


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  1. That will learn ya to go on vacation! I hope you had a great one! I think a number of teams still have some work to do this off season; hopefully the Cards will get it done.


  2. Congrats on being #18 on the Latest Leader’s List!


  3. ccrbirdbrained

    THANKS!!! It’s been one heck of a week for me! Now I just have to stay on the list to prove to myself that it wasn’t only because I was the “featured blog” for four days. 🙂


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