Snow can be so beautiful…

We got about 6-8 inches of snow in the St. Louis area a couple of days ago. That won’t surprise many. And, yes, a lot of our schools were closed, so I guess we need a little bit of President Obama’s “Flinty Chicago Toughness” here, too. But we may get a pass from the White Sox Fan-in-Chief once he lays eyes on the beautiful snow seen next to Busch Stadium on Wednesday.

Ballpark Village 004.JPG

Ballpark Village 003.JPG

I wish I knew who took these so I could give proper attribution, but the truth is I was e-mailed these pics so many times yesterday that finding the original source would be near impossible. I think they are hilarious. I have a few friends that happen to be Cubs fans; generally the sentiment seemed to be “I don’t agree, but I appreciate the humor.” But, of course, in the presence of other non-Cardinals fans, the stance turned into statements like “this is sad” and “Cardinals fans have nothing better to do” and “Boy, that Ballpark Village is really coming along, huh?” Well, I don’t have enough time to address DeWitt Meadow in this article, but I have to say that the other charges are pretty interesting coming out of the mouths of Cubs fans.

Remember seeing all the “It’s Gonna Happen” signs waved by Cubs fans throughout 2008? They even brought them to away games…I saw plenty of them at Busch Stadium this year. Obviously, those came from a place of confidence based on the Cubs’ showing in 2007, the moves they made both before and during 2008, and the relative weakness of the rest of the NL in comparison. On paper, the Chicago Cubs looked like the most complete (if not the best) team in the NL. Of course, before the season started, the same could be said for the Detroit Tigers in the AL. They finished in last place. The Cubs delivered in a big way during the regular season, but once again experienced a massive let-down in the 2008 postseason. Six runs scored and swept by the LA Dodgers. It was the Cubs’ second straight Divisional Series sweep. Wait ’til next year indeed.

How much can you talk the talk when your team can’t walk the walk? If success on the field were influenced by undying fan loyalty, the Cubs would probably be in the World Series more often than they’re not. And I’m not saying everyone should like this little snow stunt…you should root for your favorite team and root against your rivals. But come on…it’s nothing more than a good-natured ribbing. If you’re going to give it (“It’s Gonna Happen”), you’d better be prepared to take it…especially if your team is the Chicago Cubs.

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  1. That is a great picture! I have a friend that says of the Cubs and Cardinals, “It’s not much of a rivalry when one team has 10 Championships and the other has none”. Yet, anyone that’s ever been at a Cubs-Cards game knows that it is a big rivalry. Great post!

  2. I am a Cubs fan…and quite frankly…these pictures are hilarious. With regards to the Cards, the feeling is mutual, but thanks for the laugh. We’ll see how this plays out in ’09! Go Cubs Go!

    Prose and Ivy

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